The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes – India S2E6

World's Most Extraordinary Homes India
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Caroline and Piers from ‘The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes’ recently visited the ‘Riparian House‘. Caroline exclaimed: “this house is like Marry Poppins, it’s practically perfect in every way”

The BCC TWO / NETFLIX program describes:

“The third home in the India episode is a stunning riverside bolthole. ‘Riparian’ draws on Indian architectural heritage in an homage to the tea plantation Veranda house – but this one is half buried in the riverbank. The subterranean build and turf roof defend the house against the monsoon rains and scorching summer heat. But despite Caroline ’embracing her inner badger’, it turns out the house is a light and airy gateway into a rural idyll.”

see the episode on BBC2 UK on Sunday 20-05-2018 at 16:00 PM GMT

or on Netflix – World’s Most Extraordinary Homes