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House on a Stream

Alibag, India
Context, Concrete, Spatial Experience, Light,

With a stream running through the house, this retreat in Alibag is delicately woven into the landscape, alternately opening up and closing itself to the different charactheristics of the site.

Laureus Learning Pavilion

Magic Bus Campus, Karjat, Mumbai, India
Institutional, Recreational,
Sustainability, Innovation, Context, Flexibility,

Partly a building, partly a challenge course, the Laureus sponsored Learning Pavilion, located on the Magic Bus Centre for Experiential Learning, is an interactive building used as a gathering space and play area for underprivileged children while they are on their weekend camps.

Ballygunge Manor

Ballygunge, Kolkata, India
Residential, Heritage,
Technology, Craft, Spatial Experience,
Under Construction,

Located in Ballygunge, an area to the south of the centre of Kolkata the manor was in a dilapitated state like many with a similar fate. Through strategic interventions, the garden and rooms inside the main house have been re-organized, to make the garden become a part of the daily life inside the manor again.