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Biodiversity Training Institute

Pangthang, Sikkim, India
Residential, Institutional, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context, Green Roof,

Part of an endeavor of the Sikkim Biodiversity Forest Department (SBFP) to initiate a series of architectural projects which set an example of how to deal with urban planning and buildings that blend with nature, through green features derived from re-using and reinterpreting local techniques and knowledge.

Sikkim Butterfly Reserve

Rangrang, Sikkim, India
Institutional, Recreational, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context, Technology, Public,
In Progress,

The proposed Butterfly Reserve in Sikkim aims to be a celebration of this winged creature, found in abundance in the region. Owing to the high variation in vegetation and climate and its unique geographical location, Sikkim represents one of the butterfly hotspots in the world.