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Waikiki Wetland Resort

Vengurla, Maharashtra, India
Residential, Hospitality, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context,
Under Construction,
Design Team -

Shefali Balwani + Robert Verrijt

Size -

6 Hectares

Program -

weekend homes, resort, boat house

Client -

Navabag Resorts see more on Waikiki Villas

Strenghtening the existing ecosystem the design for a Resort in Vengurla recreates a waterscape with interconnected ponds and waterbodies around which homes are clustered as stilted pavilions. The site is located near this small fishers village behind Vengurla beach and is surrounded by a creek in the north and east and water landscapes on the other sides. 

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The creek was once the landing place for the Dutch where they restocked their ships in their battles with the Portuguese. A 17th century warehouse stands witness to the Dutch activities.

The development of the 6 hectares site on the southern bank of the creek will include the ecological restoration of an existing lake and the development of 16 holiday homes and a boat house. The site  is understood as a landscape in flux over the centuries, eventually destined to become an ideal spot for eco-tourism. 

Renewing the strength of the wetlands surrounding the creek and its diversity as a living ecosystem will promote riparian habitat for migrating birds and endangered wildlife as well as enrich the experience of a lush and rich landscape as a retreat from a busy urban life.

(visualisations by Haresh Haridas)

Stilted pavilions on the edge of a pond

In the masterplan, individual villas are situated around several water bodies, forming an interconnected eco system with the recreational lake and creek

location plan

Speculative representation of a landscape in flux over the centuries.

the Vengurla Creek

Ground Floor Plan - Section A / B

View of the entrance courtyard. A concrete finished boardwalk leads to the Living Room Pavilion

the living room pavilion floats on top of the laterite masonry wall

The Living Room and the Dining Room overlook the swimming pool which seemingly floats in the natural pond

The Massage Pavilion and Bedroom Pavilion are stilted pavilions situated partly on land, partly on water

View of the dining room overlooking the pool

Interior view of the living room by the pool

The Family Room overlooks the surrounding landscape from the first floor level behind openable slatted screens

Master Bedroom

the Master Bathroom opens up into a private courtyard

at night the pavilions are subtly lit up, appearing as floating lanterns