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Etania Green School

Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia
Sustainability, Innovation, Context,
Under Construction,

In Sabah, on the Malaysian island of Borneo, there are many thousands of stateless children who have become marginalised due to their status. Architecture BRIO and Billionbricks design a green school prototype for the Etania Schools. Etania runs Learning Centres for children of migrant labourers who have no access to education.

Konchur Sustainable Model Village

Konchur, Karnataka, India
Residential, Urban, Institutional, Recreational, Landscape,
Sustainability, Innovation, Context, Public,
Under Construction, In Progress,

BillionBricks and Architecture BRIO envision to empower Konchur (Karnataka) to turn into a Sustainable Model Village (Adarsh Gram) for New India by initiating strategic interventions and investments that are self scalable by the community. 

Laureus Learning Pavilion

Magic Bus Campus, Karjat, Mumbai, India
Institutional, Recreational,
Sustainability, Innovation, Context, Flexibility,

Partly a building, partly a challenge course, the Laureus sponsored Learning Pavilion, located on the Magic Bus Centre for Experiential Learning, is an interactive building used as a gathering space and play area for underprivileged children while they are on their weekend camps.

Biodiversity Training Institute

Pangthang, Sikkim, India
Residential, Institutional, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context, Green Roof,

Part of an endeavor of the Sikkim Biodiversity Forest Department (SBFP) to initiate a series of architectural projects which set an example of how to deal with urban planning and buildings that blend with nature, through green features derived from re-using and reinterpreting local techniques and knowledge.

Sikkim Butterfly Reserve

Rangrang, Sikkim, India
Institutional, Recreational, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context, Technology, Public,
In Progress,

The proposed Butterfly Reserve in Sikkim aims to be a celebration of this winged creature, found in abundance in the region. Owing to the high variation in vegetation and climate and its unique geographical location, Sikkim represents one of the butterfly hotspots in the world. 

Magic Bus Staff Dormitory

Karjat, Mumbai, India
Residential, Institutional,
Sustainability, Bamboo, Innovation,

A combination of natural and local materials with state of the art technologies and materials used in this dormitory for the staff of Magic Bus portrays a new construction idiom – an expression of contemporary sustainable architecture.

School of Planning + Architecture

Vasant Kunj, Delhi, India
Urban, Institutional,
Context, Public, Solar Energy, Natural Cooling,

The 'Open Campus' concept of the School of Architecture and Planning serves as an example of an urban condition that enables diverse groups to interact creatively, productively and peacefully. 

Kerala Veterinary University

Pookode, Kerala, India
Urban, Institutional, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context, Green Roof,

The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Science University has the intention of improving agricultural production while creating a more sustainable world.

Magic Bus Campus Master Plan

Karjat, Mumbai, India
Institutional, Recreational, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context,

A master plan of facilities strategically located with strategies to optimise the qualities and resources of the site wthin scenarios of fluctuating funding resources.