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Camac Street Residential Tower

Kolkata India
Residential, Heritage,
Density, Flexibility, Concrete, Typology,
Under Construction,

The Camac Tower is a proposal for a residential tower located in the heart of Calcutta. The existing heritage structure previously owned by Sir RN Mookerjee, will be renovated. The narrow footprint that is left between the boundaries and the bungalow, results in an elegant and slender volume for the apartment tower.

Ballygunge Manor

Ballygunge, Kolkata, India
Residential, Heritage,
Technology, Craft, Spatial Experience,
Under Construction,

Located in Ballygunge, an area to the south of the centre of Kolkata the manor was in a dilapitated state like many with a similar fate. Through strategic interventions, the garden and rooms inside the main house have been re-organized, to make the garden become a part of the daily life inside the manor again.