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Tala Treesort

an Eco Resort in Forest Hills, Tala
Hospitality, Recreational, Interior,
Sustainability, Context, Transparency,

The Tree Villa perches on the cliff of a 160 acre hilltop 'treesort' property surrounded by a meandering river landscape. The project is a celebration of this breathtaking landscape by creating a series of blurred transitional spaces with different levels of transparency and openness within this forested tropical setting.

Casa Brio

Apartment Renovation
Residential, Interior,
Flexibility, Typology,

This 80 sq.m. apartment is designed with an adaptable and open arrangement. Re-moving dispensable walls between rooms and replacing them with objects optimizes space. The interiors while minimal yet intricate in detailing, are embellished with a subtle collection of textures and materials.

Apartment DNNW

Tardeo, Mumbai, India
Residential, Interior,
Craft, Spatial Experience, Light, Typology,

A duplex apartment on one of the top floors of the 60 storey apartment in South Mumbai offers dramatic views of the city. The plan is organized along the principle of creating independently articulated rooms, which are strung along a sequential path; organizing relationships, creating this rich and dynamic experience.

Otto Infinito

BKC, Mumbai, India
Hospitality, Interior,
Public, Spatial Experience, Light,

Otto Infinito is a Mediterranean restaurant in the middle of the upcoming business district, the Bandra Kurla Complex. With the innovative endeavor of using healthiness as the basis of the menu, and the purpose of supporting the quality and freshness of food, it is the ultimate Mediterranean culinary experience in Mumbai.