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Spiral Doll House

Mumbai, India
Innovation, Art, Spatial Experience, Light, Transparency,
Program -

a dollhouse

the Spiral Dollhouse is a hybrid between a 1/6 scale version of an imaginary house, an architectural model, and a barbie doll diorama. The house has three stories and can be viewed and played with from all four sides. The house is made in birch ply, teak wood, rose wood, acrylic and brass.

The light fittings and furniture such as the tables, beds, kitchen, vanity, stools and a swing were custom made including working miniature switches.

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Structurally the house is made of a central cross shaped double wall core in which the conduits are hidden. We inserted openings in the walls of the main cruciform. The double walls between rooms hold pocket doors that slide open and closed – some are opaque, some are made of translucent rice paper or timber slats that let light shine through. It was really important to consider the hand that would enter the little house to move the doll around. 

The rooms are organised in a spiral turning around this core, starting with a garage for the mini cooper and ending with a roof top pool terrace, creating a narrative for play. Voids in the floors and openings in the core encourage interaction and play in between the rooms, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. 

Pool Terrace on top of the Dollhouse

Exploded Axonometric Animation

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4