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Otto Infinito

BKC, Mumbai, India
Hospitality, Interior,
Public, Spatial Experience, Light,
Design Team -

Robert Verrijt + Shefali Balwani

Size -

500 sq.m.

Program -


Eight Mediterranean countries; France, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco, plus the addition of the ancestor, India; have served as an endless and infinite inspiration to more and more cuisines worldwide, and hence the name of the restaurant was born: Otto Infinito.  Otto = "Eight" and Infinito = "Infinite"; the Infinite Eight great culinary countries." - Concept Chef Gianfranco Chiarini.

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And of coarse, the restaurant opens at 8 AM as well. Pass through a lush boulevard of date palm trees to come upon the entrance of Otto Infinito. Upon entering, you'll discover a calm and serene ambience with earthiness and an honesty of materials, a reflection of the ingredients of the food. A semi-vaulted interior gives a sense of enclosure and introverted-ness. A centrally positioned bar and food display counter creates intimacy in the otherwise large space and a variation in scenes. The two flanks of the restaurant are recessed into the wall and allow for a variety of seating types.

Wine counter

display counter

Booth seats

Dining area


Section EE + section AA

Dining area at night

Dining area

Lounge at night


Lounge seating