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Kerala Veterinary University

Pookode, Kerala, India
Urban, Institutional, Landscape,
Sustainability, Context, Green Roof,
Design Team -

Architecture BRIO + fUSE Studio

Size -

120 Acres

Program -

educational, residential campus with recreational functions

Client -

KVASU, Government of India

The Pookode Campus is situated in a location rich with biodiversity, creating both an asset and a challenge. The main educational building, intentionally dramatized in scale is gently placed within the landscape to leave a lasting but sensitive imprint on the site.  

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The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Science University has the intention of improving agricultural production while creating a more sustainable world. The Pookode Campus of the university is situated in a location rich with biodiversity, creating an asset and a challenge.  Amongst the green, the residential area is located on the west facing hill, the academic on the east face.  Critical functions such as café's, canteens, and the sport stadium are located in the most unique areas of the site.  The main educational building size is intentionally dramatized in scale, as well as precisely and gently placed within the landscape, to leave a lasting imprint of the site.

Academic building embedded in the hills

Site photograph of Pookode

Site, programmatic parameters and Masterplanning Concept

Master plan


Roof landscape on academic building

Sustainability diagram

Academic building layout