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Etania Green School

Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia
Sustainability, Innovation, Context,
Under Construction,
Design Team -

Architecture BRIO + BillionBricks

Size -

680 m2

Program -

primary school for stateless children

Client -

Etania Schools

In Sabah, on the Malaysian island of Borneo, there are many thousands of stateless children who have become marginalised due to their status. These are mainly children of illegal or legal Indonesian migrant labourers who come to Sabah to seek an income on the plantations so they can have a decent life. The Etania schools are learning centres for the children of these migrant labourers who have no access to education until a school begins for them. Etania schools run a full school learning program 6 days a week with all the necessary curriculum subjects.

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In these learning centres children have safety, security and happiness enjoying their right to learn. Etania, in collaboration with Harvard Business School, has an ambitious plan to build 30 school across Sabah. Billionbricks and Architecture BRIO have been asked to design a prototype of the first school for 350 children aged 5-13.

a view of the river through the transparent school building


fox and the chicken on the playground

the school bus