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Ballygunge Manor

Ballygunge, Kolkata, India
Residential, Heritage,
Technology, Craft, Spatial Experience,
Under Construction,
Design Team -

Robert Verrijt + Shefali Balwani

Size -

700 sq.m.

Program -

Family Home ; Adaptive reuse and renovation of Colonial British Manor, 1922

Client -

Wellside House

The land was held by Pathuriaghata of the Tagore family. Lastly among them it was owned by Prodyot Coomar Tagore Maharaja Bahadur (September 17, 1873 - August 28, 1942). The Maharaja was active in public life. He was a Commissioner of the Corporation of Calcutta, a Governor of the Mayo Hospital, and a member of the Bengal Legislative Council from 1899-1911. 

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He was the founder and first President of the "Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta", a trustee and Chairman of the "Indian Museum" and a fellow of the "Royal Asiatic Society".  The Tagore family had transferred the property in 1905 to the family of Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim. They were the Court Jewelers to H.E. The Viceroy and Governor General of British India, who built the Calcutta Jain Temple in 1867. He was the founder President of Bengal National Chamber of Commerce, the first ever National Chamber of Commerce in India. His family built the colonial heritage manor some time in 1922. This was acquired in the 1950's by Tarachand Ghanshyam Das, a unit of the Neotia business family and sold to Bhagwati Khaitan, proprietor of the eminent law firm Khaitan & Co. Since the last few years it is held by the Wellside Group. The heritage manor was dilapidated, defaced and infested with termites and damp, without any upkeep for over a few decades. The manor has a sturdy, robust and classical character: down to earth yet rich with history, a rich soberness. In tune with the proposed use as both a family home and a representative property, this character will be enhanced.

Ballygunge Manor Front Facade

Ballygunge Manor Garden Facade

Ballygunge Manor Staircase

Ballygunge Manor Garden Tree

Before renovation - The manor has a sturdy, robust and classical character: down to earth yet rich with history, a rich soberness.

Through strategic interventions the garden and rooms inside the main house will be re-organized, such that the garden becomes a part of the daily life inside the manor again.

First floor plan

Elevation A

Elevation B

Section B

Section A

The restoration of the heritage manor is particularly undertaken to conserve the historical & architectural significance of the Ballygunge area in Kolkata.

Renovation process of lime plaster

The bungalow has been listed for its architectural significance as one of the few surviving bungalows with tall ceilings, French windows and lavish residential living in Kolkata.

Detail of typical first floor window