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Apartment DNNW

Tardeo, Mumbai, India
Residential, Interior,
Craft, Spatial Experience, Light, Typology,
Design Team -

Architecture BRIO + Olasky & Sinsteden

Size -

700 sq.m.

Program -

a duplex apartment interior

Increasingly disheartened by the vanishing views and light the client used to have from their hilltop bungalow in south Mumbai, they opted for a dramatic lifestyle change: they moved into a duplex apartment on one of the top floors of the 60 storey apartment building that hovered above their bungalow, to once again enjoy the dramatic views over the Arabian Sea. While moving up in the sky it was crucial not to loose the rich experience and variety of spaces they used to have in their bungalow garden. 

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A Soanian modus operandi allowed the plan to transform this otherwise rather typical apartment layout, into a rich, dynamic spatial experience.  Through careful attention to the organization of light, space, and crafted detail, the plan is organized along the principle of creating independently articulated rooms, which are strung along a sequential path. Constant changes of direction and shifting and a rotating symmetry axes, offers ever-changing views of the interiors and Mumbai's rapidly changing skyline.

The entrance hallway, although flanked by the living room intentionally does not open onto it directly. Rather, a suspense is built up through a series of turns by first diverting it to the stair hall. This space connects through a deep pocket pivot double door to a half octagonally shaped vestibule, which in turn opens up to the double height living room along its length.  While the living room bathes in light, the flanking octagonal library and circular dining room are interiorized with light entering only indirectly, creating very distinct atmospheres.The view of the city of Mumbai is even more impressive from here as the void below leads the gaze down onto the city streets. (Photography by Sebastian Zachariah)

Panorama View

Panorama View from the Balcony of South Mumbai Skyline

View of South Mumbai's queens necklace

Plan 0

Plan 1

Samples of materials and details