• YEAR : 2017
  • LOCATION : Konchur, India
  • CATEGORY : Urban

Konchur Sustainable Model Village

BillionBricks and Architecture BRIO envision to empower Konchur (Karnataka) to turn into a Sustainable Model Village (Adarsh Gram) for New India by initiating strategic interventions and investments that are self scalable by the community. In the present day scenario, a large number of people are migrating from the village to the nearby cities in search of work, livelihood and a better quality of life.

But what if this scenario is reversed in the coming years?  What if we could make the village a self sustained place where people are given more employment opportunities? What if they could find a better standard of living and can attract city dwellers to come invest in the village. Could the village be promoted as a tourist friendly place ?



Since Independence, India has experienced massive urbanisation. With economic liberalization of the 1990s, the pace further increased. It is expected that 40% of Indian population will be residing in urban areas by 2030. The infrastructure in cities has lagged leading to shortage of homes, spread of slums and homelessness in cities. For most rural migrants, the quality of life is worse in cities than in villages.



In order to reduce population pressure in cities it is important to improve opportunities and incentives in rural areas. There is tremendous untapped potential in our villages and rural districts. This can be harnessed with new livelihood options, improved infrastructure and an upgradation of quality of life. billionBricks believes, a strong vision, clear planning strategy and stakeholder resourcefulness can help transform rural areas.


Project Data

Project Name

Konchur Sustainable Model Village




Residential, Urban, Institutional, Recreational, Landscape


Sustainability, Innovation, Context, Public


Under Construction

Design Team

Architecture BRIO + billionBricks


30 hectares


Public Space, Sanitation, Education

Aerial View of Konchur with the ACC cement plant in the distance.

Limestone is used in abundance for roofs and walls.

Architectural Heritage in Konchur

Courtyard in Konchur

Open drains are a common sight

Water shortage is prevalent

entertainment in the hot afternoon under a tree

Konchur is located in a thriving cement and limestone belt of India.

survey map of Konchur

long term vision for Konchur streetscape

out of 500 families only 5 families have build toilets in recent years

The toilet is built using local quarry waste limestone laid in the traditional random rubble dry masonry construction

section of proposed community toilet

the design ensures light and ventilation with provision for elderly, and a focus on women centric design, prevention of leakages, seepage and growth of molds etc

larger cubicles for ease of draping Saris, bathing children, washing while sitting down in privacy for women.

the common courtyard space for women washing clothes and performing other activities in a semi-private setting.

with the use of the Ecosoftt system, 90% of the increased water consumption due to the installation of the toilets can be recovered

strategy for participation and advocacy

sanitation program including construction of water harvesting system and 150 individual toilets is in progress

meeting on the introduction of the construction of individual toilets with villagers.

small scale dairy farming in Konchur

development of new economic activities – promoting local entrepreneurship such as dairy farming