• YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Uttarakhand, India
  • CATEGORY : Hospitality

Himalayan Mountain Cabin

The MiCabin is a compact combination of tools for survival. The mountain cabin offers the basic comforts of a home, while providing an original, yet rustic experience of the mountain life, to those who seek it. In a compact 45m2 it packs in a bedroom, bathroom, pantry, lounge and loft for extra guests.

This cabin is a device to observe the dramatic, rugged, mountainscape of the Himalayas. Perched on a Mica rock formation, the Y shaped floor plan focusses on three distinctive horizons. The living space stares at the deep valley below. The bathroom opens towards the immediate forest, while the bedroom orients towards the Himalayan mountain range.

The mountain cabin is designed to be autarkic. First of all it provides its own power through integrated solar panels. It harvests rainwater and recycles waste water in tanks hidden its foundation. While avoiding reliance on external sources, it prevents any damaging impact on the sensitive ecological habitat it is nestled in.

Project Data

Project Name

The MiCabin




Hospitality, Landscape


Sustainability, Context, Typology




45 sq.m.


Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas View

A breathtaking view of the Himalayan chains, on the north side of the site

Mukteshwar-Uttarakhand-India_Aerial Photograph

A daring site situated on the verge of a steep drop

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, dramatic-stones
Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, Rock Cliff

The proposed site is a spectacular observatory spot of the valley and the Himalayan chains

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, Stone Pathway

The rock strata on site, slowly merging with the local flora

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, Site Model
Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, site model
Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, site model side view
Mountain Cabin - Himalayas, Site Model

Site model

Mi-Cabin Ground Level Himalayan Mountain Cabin

Ground floor plan

Mi-Cabin Top Level Himalayan Mountain Cabin

Loft plan

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas - Section

Section AA

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas - Section

Section BB

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas - Section

Section CC

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas - Roofscape

Top view

Mountain Cabin - Himalayas -Perspective View

West view