• YEAR : 2015
  • LOCATION : Mumbai, India
  • CATEGORY : Interior

Casa Brio

Bandra was once a leafy suburb of Mumbai city. Now it has become a vibrant yet highly dense neighbourhood, symptomatic of the crunching space in Indian metropolises. The floor space of an average household gets more and more constrained and precious. This forces some to leave the neighbourhood and move further away from the city centre. But for others it means that they’ll have to make do with less space. This increasing problem has been ingeniously addressed in a 7th floor apartment in Bandra.


Adaptable Spaces

We designed the apartment with an adaptable and open arrangement.  We removed dispensable walls between rooms and replaced them instead with objects, optimizing space. By opening and closing, sliding and folding up walls, the home is restructured, expanded, fragmented, connected or isolated. The interior, while minimal yet intricate in detailing, is embellished with a subtle collection of textures and materials. Each utility core is materialized either in stained birch plywood, natural stained white oak or an epoxy cement finish. Each defines the characters of the spaces in which they present themselves. The spaces have their own unique character and definition while at the same time do not compromise on the feeling of spaciousness.

Small becomes large

The interactive layout of the apartment allows you to walk around the house in multiple ways. Every room has at least two ways to go to another. It gives the illusion that there are many more rooms than there actually are. The complexity of spaces prevents a quick and easy mental map of the apartment to be formulated and encourages one to explore the house in different ways.

Project Data

Project Name

Casa Brio


Bandra, Mumbai, India






Flexibility, Typology


80 sq.m.



The living room and the open kitchen are connected. The shift in the walls and the yellow stained birch plywood bookcase defines them spatially.

The design of the kitchen feels warm and homely. The usual daily utility clutter is strategically kept out of sight.

Large customised steel sliding windows can be tucked away in a secret pocket opening the Living Room up to the Verandah

Floor Plan of Apartment in Bandra

Floor Plan

Axonometric View: the spaces are interspersed with with two central cores and two peripheral cores that define and characterise them at the same time.

Living Room and Open Kitchen

Verandah Dining

Brass sliding tracks laid in timber floor

Powder Room

Study with a glimpse of the bedroom

Master Bedroom

Detail of Artwork by Ruwan Prasanna

Shower with a view of the Park

Bedroom Sink

Customised toggle switches

Master Bathroom Shower

A glimpse of the Kitchen from the Child’s Bedroom