• YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Mumbai, India
  • CATEGORY : Residential

JNSH apartment

The brief for a duplex apartment for a couple and teenage son was to be inspired by a modern French style with a touch of lavishness. The design incorporates the old with the new. At the same time it lets unique pieces complement one another and stand together. It attempts to display an interior that has grown and been collected over the years.


Apartment Design

A collection of subtly detailed wall panels of custom proportions define the classical idiom. These details repeat throughout the house while changing in material and colour as the space demands. While a common lineage defines the detailing of every room, each one has its own unique character as well. Often the differences are subtle, but sometimes they are dramatic. It emphasises the cohesive quality of each space. It turns this house into a collection full of rich experiences.


Staircase Design

One of the most dramatic spaces in the apartment is the staircase. A sinuously curved timber clad staircase winds up 210 degrees to turn back at the landing. A white closed railing offset the deep blue panelled wall on the perimeter of the staircase. In a compact space a rich spatial experience becomes the central focus point of the house.


Architectural Detail

Each room is defined by encompassing architectural detail, material and colour scheme. An obsessive compulsion for symmetry has created a unique layout. The technique of modulating the leftover space in between self containing rooms, “the poché”, enables the symmetrical layout of internal elevations. However this in between space has not gone to waste in an apartment like this. In a city like Mumbai every square inch counts. Everywhere you will find hidden pockets, invisible doors, a secret bar or wine cooler, niches, cupboards or wardrobes to fully optimise the poché. However all these utilities are hidden from sight by the extensive and elegant millwork.

Project Data

Project Name

Apartment Design JNSH


Tardev, Mumbai, India





Interior, detail, poché




213 square meters



Interior design of an apartment for a couple and their young son

Apartment floor plan in Mumbai

Ground floor Plan.

Interior Design of Apartment in Mumbai - floor plan

First floor Plan.

Apartment Design in Mumbai - Stairhall

Looking up at the staircase winding its way with a contemporary chandelier adorning its place in the space.

Apartment in Mumbai - Lobby
Apartment Design in Mumbai - Powder Room

The powder room is a dark space. A solid Nero Marquina marble wainscotting  surrounds a patterned floor of small black diamonds and white squares.

Interior Design of Apartment in Mumbai -Animation of living room doors in lobby

Opening the doors to the dining room.

Interior Design of Apartment in Mumbai -Animation of entrance doors in lobby

Twin doors from the Stair Hall

Apartment in Mumbai - Bathroom
Apartment Design in Mumbai - Shower

The bathroom floor combines three different marbles in a hexagonal mosaic floor in the shower. A switchable glass brings much needed natural light from the brightly lit bedroom into the bathroom space.

Interior Design of Apartment in Mumbai - Walk in Wardrobe

The walk in wardrobe in all surrounding louvered shutters. They are  finished in a distressed white paint finish. A light from Ralph Lauren Home decks the ceiling and lights up the space elegantly.