At Architecture BRIO, each house we design is a bespoke solution, specifically designed with a comprehensive understanding of the clients brief, location, topography, urban or rural context of the site. Through asking the right questions, formulating ideas on the project, conversations within the office, and a thorough understanding of the site we eliminate the weaker ideas from the many potential possibilities and approaches. Hence the design of each house undergoes a rigorous back and forth process together with our collaborators to ensure the approach is as much suited to their needs as it is to the site.

We look at residential architecture as a back drop to daily life where architecture is a tool to enhance the everyday experience of daily life. Whether the goal is to be closer to nature, have immense functionality or just appreciate the touch and feel of well crafted details and materials. By using natural materials the tactile together visual sensitivity of the design is enhanced. Use of natural light and ventilation, integration both physically and visually with landscape, and minimising the use of un renewable energy sources are the underlying guidelines through the design process. We work in varied geographic and climatic conditions and offer local sustainable solutions for each. Our residential projects range from the north of India in the Himalayas to the southern tropical konkan coast. 

Cantilevered Pavilion at house on a stream Alibaug india

House on a Stream

With a stream running through the house, this retreat in Alibag delicately weaves into the landscape. It alternately opens up and closes itself to the different characteristics of the site. The house is like an organism trying to make most use of its resources and surroundings. With its several limbs, it reaches out into the landscape. Each “limb” makes full use of the views within the site and dramatizes special moments.

Riparian house in Karjat - weekend house on river from “the World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”

Riparian House

The Riparian House is placed below the crest of a hillock at the foothills of the Ghats near Mumbai. The top of a vegetated roof merges with the top of the hillock, hiding the house while approaching. A bamboo screen surrounding a deep verandah causes an ever-changing pattern of light and shadow throughout the seasons and times of the day, making the Riparian House a ‘sensor’ of light.

canopy villa goa india

Socorro Canopy Villa

The Socorro Villa is an aerial structure in a thick canopy in the northern part of Goa as part of a luxury residential development designed with 5 emerging architects. Perched on a series of extremely slim columns, the skeleton structure twists and turns between the forest canopy. From decks and glazed enclosures at various levels, residential life intertwines with animal life in the forest.

exterior pond from massage pavilion Waikiki Wetland Resort

Waikiki Wetland Resort

The Wetland Resort in Vengurla aims to revitalise the ecosystem of the site by creating a waterscape with interconnected ponds and waterbodies. Five proposed waterbodies accommodate 16 holiday homes and a boat house. The homes are clustered as stilted pavilions; sometimes on the land and sometimes on water.

mountain home entrance with view of Himalayan mountain range Uttarakhand

Himalayan Mountain Home

The Mountain Home is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. A boomerang shaped structure hugs the contour on the upper level. One pavilion faces the view of a nearby reserved forest. Another settles in the middle of a pear and peach orchard. The ensemble of structures act as an extensive photographic device, capturing the constantly changing dynamics of the Himalayan mountainscape.

Approach of Entrance of Plantation Retreat in alibaug

Plantation Retreat

Rather than fighting its presence however, the plantation retreat in Alibag emphasises on the profile of the built from. Two staggered linear pavilion-like structures, directed towards the view, define the character of the house. They are strong manifestations that act as long spatial telescopes, bringing the distant sea views seemingly closer by.

camac street residential tower apartments

Camac Residential Tower

The Camac Residential Tower is a proposal for a residential tower located in the heart of Calcutta. The structural system is designed such that the floor plans are column free, making the structure more durable. Even though the purist exposed structure responds to the rationality of the surrounding tropical modernist towers, the variety in the verandah and glass elements mark a vibrant city on the move.

bamboo architecture dormitory

Magic Bus Staff Dormitory

A combination of natural and local materials with innovative technologies and materials used in this dormitory for the staff at the Magic Bus Campus portrays a new construction idiom – an expression of contemporary sustainable architecture. A unique structural cage of bamboo columns wraps around the dormitory, creating a dialogue between the interior and the dramatically changing landscape.

Housing Complex Triade in Enschede

Triade | Housing Complex

The Triade Housing Complex with its three sturdy residential blocks is a continuation of the large scale building blocks surrounding the medieval city centre of Enschede. The three building blocks ‘the Triade’ are placed surrounding an inner court that intersects with a cultural route that connects the city. They are directed with their full building height to the inside and form the interior of the City Chamber.

Forest Home Temenos

Forest Home Temenos

The forest home in Kodaikanal takes inspiration from the idea of Temenos. The ancient Greek word translates as “a piece of land marked off from common uses and dedicated to a god”. It is intended to be a sanctuary, which once completed, it will be the permanent residence of two creative professionals located on the edge of a rocky outcrop within a dense forest area.