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Worldwide approaches to Affordable Housing

May 18, 2012

Architecture BRIO will present their vision on affordable housing in Mumbai during the Capita Selecta Lecture Series in Delft. The lecture series explores the issues of affordable housing in exploding cities. By focussing on different areas in the world - China, Ethiopia, Russia and India - the lecture series will explore the importance of local cultural conditions.

With cities all over the world growing at an ever increasing speed, the issue of providing affordable housing is of global importance. How can the large scale demand for decent housing be accommodated? How do possible solutions impact the liveability, vibrancy and sustainability of our world’s cities? How can industrial efficiency and mass production be met with local conditions? And, finally, what role can European architects play in providing solutions worldwide?

In consecutive double lecture series one speaker will present a more general overview of the particularities of the housing issue in the country at hand, while the other will explore the issue from the point of view of the architectural practice.

 Tuesday, 19th of June 2012, Delft, the Netherlands

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