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Gizmodo reviews the Spiral Dollhouse

November 28, 2014

Andrew Liszewski from Gizmodo reviews the Spiral Dollhouse: "If you're already feeling self-conscious about the tiny one-bedroom apartment you call home, this stunning sixth-scale house designed for dolls or action figures isn't going to make you feel any better about your living arrangements. But it will give you something to aspire to one day, because this isn't Barbie's dream house, it's everyone's dream house. 

Designed and built by Mumbai-based Architecture BRIO for an unknown client (who presumably has the luckiest kids in the world) this miniature abode features a brilliant open layout letting kids access its various rooms from all four sides.

And it doesn't just look luxurious, it's actually made from real birch, teak, and rose wood, with genuine brass fixings and accessories."

All of the furniture inside the house is custom-made to perfectly match the scale, and the unbelievable attention to detail goes all the way to working lights, and even working light switches on the walls. It's a good thing Barbie's had all those jobs over the years, because realistically she'd need all that extra income to afford a place like this.

Guest bedroom at Spiral Dollhouse

staircases at Spiral Dollhouse

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