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Architecture BRIO designs Navabag Resort

August 11, 2013

Architecture BRIO has been appointed to design a resort with holiday homes near Navabag Village in southern Maharashtra. The site near this small fishers village behind Vengurla beach and is surrounded by a creek in the north and east and wetlands on the other sides. The development of this 6 hectares site will include the ecological restoration of an existing lake and the development of 16 holiday homes and a boat house.

development scenario

Speculative representation of a landscape in flux over the centuries. Estuaries are not defined by hard edges but by gradients allowing tidal fluctuations and change over time.

Strenghtening the existing ecosystem, Architecture BRIO proposes to develop a landscape with interconnected ponds and waterbodies around which the homes are clustered as stilted pavilions. Renewing the strength of the wetlands surrounding the creek and its diversity as a living ecosystem will promote riparian habitat for migrating birds and endangered wildlife as well as enrich the experience of a lush and rich landscape as a retreat from a busy urban life.

wetland landscape in Vengurla

wetland at Navabag

Creek at Navabag

creek at Vengurla

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