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The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes

18 May. 2018

The third home in the India episode of the BBC series “The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes” is a stunning riverside bolthole. 'The Riparian House' by Architecture BRIO draws on Indian architectural heritage in an homage to the tea plantation Veranda house - but this one is half buried in the riverbank. The subterranean build and turf roof defend the house against the monsoon rains and scorching summer heat.

When Is Space? Exhibition at JKK, Jaipur

20 Jan. 2018

"When is space?", a two-month long exhbition, inviting artists and architects to respond through spatial interventions opens on the 21st of January at the Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in Jaipur. Through provocations emerging from the ideas of legendary architects, a new exhibition seeks to investigate the contemporary modes and methods of architecture and space making practices in India.

26th Architect of the Year Award 2016

17 Sep. 2017

the Riparian House receives the 26th Architect of the Year Award at the Award Ceremony in Coimbatoire

Merit List 2016 - 2017

30 Aug. 2017

The Riparian House has been selected on the Merit List 2016 - 2017.

With intent to evaluate each project in its own context and judge the merit of each against the programme it deals with, The Merit List intends to outline a set of critical discussion points as a reflection on the state of affairs in contemporary architecture.

AD50 - The 50 Most Influential Architects and Interior Designers - 2017

01 Mar. 2017

Architecture BRIO features for the third year in a row in the AD50. A list curated to highlight the best design professionals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. As propoenents of experimentation, Architecture BRIO was listed amongst 'the progressives' whose projects represent a radical way of practice in architecture.

the Bandra Collective initiates Pedestrian Friendly Linking Road

03 Oct. 2016

The Times of India reports on its front page the latest endavour the Bandra Collective is undertaking. Concerned with the quality of public spaces in Bandra, the collaborative of architects and designers initiated a proposal that tackles several issues culminiating on a stretch of public space on traffic congested Linking Road.

the Bandra Collective

14 Sep. 2016

Brown Paper Bag reports on the Bandra Collective, a colony of architectural firms The Busride Design, Samir D'monte Architects, Sameep Padora & Associates, Urban Studio, Abraham John Architects, Architecture BRIO that are working with the municipality to make Bandra a prettier place.

Mountain Retreat Uttarakhand

20 Aug. 2016

With the Himalayan mountain range as a backdrop, construction started on a duo of Mountain Retreats near Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

Merit List 2015-2016

15 Aug. 2016

the House on a Stream makes it to the Merit List 2015-2016

"The weekend residence project by Architecture BRIO is a unique example of how sophisticated architectural language that uses well-crafted and bold sculptural forms becomes instrumental in creating a genuine dialogue with the site and the natural setting in which it is located."

AD50 - the 50 Most Influential Designers in India - 2016

11 Mar. 2016

Architecture BRIO features for the second year in the AD50. The AD50 is an endeavour to spotlight the best in residential design across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Curated by Balkrishna Doshi and India Mahdavi, the list focusses on firms whose projects represent the power of architecture to transcend functionality, create enduring spaces for its inhabitants and define new idioms for the cities in which they are located.

24th Architecture of the Year Award

07 Mar. 2016

We are honoured to receive the JKC Architect of the Year Award. Our first residential project, House on a Stream won in the category Private Residence. The JKC AYA Awards is the longest running architectural award competition in India.

The State of Architecture in India

05 Jan. 2016

The work of Architecture BRIO is presented in the exhibition "The State of Architecture in India. This exhibition will present the state of contemporary architecture in India within a larger historical overview since Independence. It will not only map emerging practices but also discuss the aspirations they represent, and stimulate a conversation on architecture among the architectural fraternity, patrons and public at large. 

50 Amazing Homes in India

19 Dec. 2015

India's first interactive architectural book, '50 Amazing Homes in India' is now available for booking.
The book features the 50 best residential projects with the videos of India's finest architects and is curated by Ar. Christopher Charles Benninger

The imperatives of urban planning for Indian cities

12 Nov. 2015

Home & Design Trends India discusses with a group of experts the future of Indian Cities in an article called MyView "The imperatives of urban planning for Indian cities"

Architecture BRIO + BillionBricks design Model Village

28 Oct. 2015

BillionBricks and Architecture BRIO envision to empower Konchur to turn into a Sustainable Model Village for New India by initiating strategic interventions and investments that are self scalable by the community.

Best Practice of the Year

30 Mar. 2015

"The firm and its projects stand out for clarity of language. They have an unbearable lightness of being." comments jury member Sen Kapadia on the work of Architecture BRIO at the Trends Excellence Awards. The firm won the Best Practice of the Year and Residential Project of the Year Commendation Awards.

Pavilion for India Design ID Exhbition

15 Feb. 2015

in February the India Design ID Exhibiton was held in New Delhi. Architecture BRIO was asked by Elle Decor and Asian Paints to design an exhibition pavilion around the theme of "Startup"

Gizmodo reviews the Spiral Dollhouse

28 Nov. 2014

Gizmodo reviews Spiral Dollhouse: " will give you something to aspire to, because this isn't Barbie's dream house, it's everyone's dream house."

Apartment DNNW in Architectural Digest India

13 Nov. 2014

The Architectural Digest India features the Apartment DNNW designed by Architecture BRIO in Mumbai.

Architecture BRIO has a new address

29 Sep. 2014

Architecture BRIO has moved to a new office. The new office is located on Linking Road in Bandra, Mumbai

Domus 'covers' the Learning Pavilion

01 Aug. 2014

The Children of Magic Bus climbing the Laureus Learning Pavilion adorn the latest cover of Domus. The August edition of the architecture magazine features articles on the Magic Bus Learning Pavilion and the House on a Stream. 

Architecture BRIO is now on Flipboard!

11 Apr. 2014

You can now subsribe to the news and updates of Architecture BRIO on Flipboard

NDTV House Design of the Year Award

21 Mar. 2014

the "House on a Stream" has won the NDTV House Design of the Year Award during an award ceremony in Delhi.

AD50: most influential designers in India

05 Mar. 2014

Architecture BRIO selected by Architectural Digest amongst the 50 most influential designers in India - AD50

Laureus Learning Pavilion Opened

11 Dec. 2013

The Laureus Learning Pavilon - part building, part challenge course located at the Magic Bus Centre near Mumbai - was officially opened at an inaugural ceremony on December 1st, 2013. 

House on a Stream Completed

24 Nov. 2013

Architecture BRIO completes the "House on a Stream" in Alibag, India. Ian Nazareth writes in his article in the "Australian Architectural Review": "....the project is strikingly brusque, making ideological links with representation and occupation, expressing a deliberate divergence."

Architecture BRIO designs Navabag Resort

11 Aug. 2013

Architecture BRIO has been appointed to design a resort with 16 holiday homes near Navabag Village. The development of this 6 hectares site will include the ecological restoration of an existing lake and the development of 16 holiday homes and a boat house. 

Book Launch - Learning from Mumbai

14 May. 2013

The book "Learning from Mumbai" will be launched today, the 14th of May in the Hague. The book attempts to protrait the nature of the architectural practice in Urban India from diverse points of view. A chapter called "Socially and environmentally Conscious Architecture" has been dedicated about how Architecture BRIO deals with the challenges of the profession.

In Progress: Magic Bus Rope Bridge

02 Feb. 2013

We are very excited about the Rope Bridge currently being installed at the Magic Bus Learning Pavilion.

Indian Architect and Builder Essay

30 Nov. 2012

Architecture BRIO has been published in the "Practices of Consequence" issue of Indian Architect and Builder. The issue comprises of essays, conversations and comments on some of the most significant and emerging practices in the Indian context.

Otto Infinito Has Opened

27 Aug. 2012

Otto Infinito has opened its doors in Mumbai. Here is a little bit more about the creation of the restaurant concept.

Creative Industries Update: India

27 Jun. 2012

Workshops, keynotes and inspiring stories about doing business in India.

Worldwide approaches to Affordable Housing

18 May. 2012

Architecture BRIO will present their vision on affordable housing in Mumbai during the Capita Selecta Lecture Series in Delft. The lecture series explores the issues of affordable housing in exploding cities. By focussing on different areas in the world - China, Ethiopia, Russia and India - the lecture series will explore the importance of local cultural conditions.

Himalayan Butterfly Reserve in Sikkim

08 May. 2012

Humans are deeply interlinked with the life of butterflies. Not only are butterflies indicators of the health of our environment, in many cultures butterflies are associated with the soul. The relation to butterflies goes as far that in the Himalayan region, some of the Nagas of Manipur trace their ancestry from them. Architecture BRIO and fUSE have won the open competition held by the Forest Department of Sikkim to design the Himalayan Butterfly Reserve in Sikkim

Lecture Architecture BRIO + Lukas Feireiss

26 Feb. 2012

Studio Lukas Feireiss presents 'The Imaginarium' on display currently at Studio X Mumbai. 'The Imaginarium' is devoted to the prescient subject of ecological change and adaptations caused by artificial interventions into existing ecosystems. It catalogues a world in which the sun is setting on our idealistic and preservationist views of the natural world.

Feature on Learning Pavilion by Architecture BRIO in Midday

11 Jul. 2011

Sunday Midday published an article on architects working with communities and NGO's in India. The article featured projects by 'Architecture for Humanity', 'Scott Gerald Shall', 'Vaibhav Kaley', 'Sandeep Virmani', 'the Cohesion Foundation', and 'Architecture BRIO'

Unsolicited Architecture Workshop

03 Feb. 2011

Architecture BRIO conducts workshop in "Unsolicited Architecture" event at Studio-X in Mumbai on 12 and 13 February 2011

Learning off the Grid

21 Jan. 2011

Architecture BRIO gives a lecture on the Magic Bus Learning Pavilion at "Learning of the Grid" at Studio-X in Mumbai on 21 January 2011
A roundtable discussion about the state of education in India. Speakers will include local architects, planners and educators from in and around Mumbai.

Architecture BRIO and fUSE design Biodiversity Institute

22 Oct. 2010

The North Indian state Sikkim, strengthens its approach towards environmental friendly strategies. fUSE Studio and Architecture BRIO have been appointed via an international tender to design the Biodiversity Training Institute of Sikkim.
The building with educational and residential facilities will be characterized by green features that derive from re-using and reinterpretation of local techniques and knowledge.

Construction Update: House on a Stream

14 Jul. 2010

...and then the rains start. the monsoon dramatically changes the landscape. From a pale brown red to vibrant greens. The construction at the "house on a stream" site in Alibaug continues...

Building India - Indian Visions Dutch Methods

14 Jul. 2010

The travelling exhibition "Building India- Indian Visions Dutch Methods" was successfully opened at Sir JJ College of Architecture. Mumbai on the 9th July 2010. The exhibition was originally on show at the ARCAM Gallery in Amsterdam, and currently travels across various cities in India. The exhibition presents a general introduction to present-day India, to the current state of architecture and urbanism, and the building task for the next ten years.

Architecture + Design Interview with Robert Verrijt

28 Sep. 2009

Large scale European architecture companies have been moving into Mumbai over the last decade more and more to develop various projects. Indian architecture companies however have also been increasing, in size, in volume and in projects. While Mumbai is growing rapidly, the two architectural worlds seem somewhat distanced from each other. The young architecture practice Architecture BRIO fits right in between these two worlds. Not 100% European and not 100% Indian. 

Lebbeus Woods on the Problem of Slums

18 Feb. 2009

The architect Lebbeus Woods has written an exceptional essay in three parts about slums and the possible roles that an architect can play in this seemingly unsolvable problem.

Mumbai Slums: Model for the World?

09 Feb. 2009

The Mumbai shanty town featured in the film Slumdog Millionaire offers a better model than does western architecture for ways to house a booming urban population in the developing world, Prince Charles said yesterday.

Architecture BRIO wins World Architecture Community Awards

19 Dec. 2008

Architecture BRIO's Staff Dormitory for Magic Bus has been selected as a winning entry in the global 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards. Winners were selected by World Architecture's Honorary Members, together with twenty other projects from across the world. The aim of the WA Community Awards is to highlight and publish remarkable projects expressing novelty, originality and creativity in design that reflect and inspire a commitment to the art of architecture.

Saffron Newsletter Interviews Robert Verrijt

27 Nov. 2008

The Saffron Newslettter interviews Robert Verrijt about the meaning of identity in Dutch Architecture compared to the Indian context. For the Dutch, architecture is a legitimate form of expression, of identity. India, where contemporary architecture is more market-driven, is also beginning to recognize the power of design in the built environment. We look at the fascinating nexus between architecture and image in both countries....

Inhabitat writes about Bamboo Veiled Dormitory

11 Nov. 2008

Inhabitat is a authoritative weblog on sustainable design. It is devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Bamboo experiment in progress

08 Oct. 2008

In Karjat at the Magic Bus Campus, an experiment in bamboo, is being constructed. This lightweight construction method reduces the amount of non-renewable materials required significantly. The complex geometry with oddly tilting walls and roofs emphasize the temporary character of the village. 

House by a River

07 Oct. 2008

The site of this weekend house is steeply sloping with a 1:4 gradient. To the north of the plot runs a river in the east - west direction. The site slopes down towards the river. Taking advantage of the flattened plateau at the highest point of the site the house is positioned such that its roof slab level merges with the level of the plateau. One can therefore walk onto the roof from the top of the land.

Magic Bus Staff Dormitory

22 Aug. 2008

(Magic bus is a NGO founded in Mumbai in 1999 aspiring to create a long-term, sustained intervention of life skills development for at-risk children through recreation, play and creative expression activities. They organise weekly sports and games sessions, educational day-trips to their weekend residential camp 'the Magic Bus Centre'. Architecture BRIO has been asked to design the second construction phase of the Centre comprising a staff dormitory, separate facilitation centres for children and corporates, and a children's village.)

Groeten uit... Bombay

13 Aug. 2007

In the series city trips by Archined correspondents abroad Robert Verrijt writes about what not to miss in his city Mumbai.

Europan 8 Forum of Results

27 Jul. 2006

To bring Europan 8 to a close, the European winners congregated in Dordrecht, the Netherlands for the weekend of June 30 and July 1 to take part in workshops, collect prizes and celebrate. Robert Verrijt, who made the prize-winning design for the Enschede location with Floris Cornelisse, was in Dordrecht and kept a diary of his visit.

Building in Sri Lanka

11 Aug. 2005

report by Robert Verrijt on his experience in Sri Lanka.

Tulsi Pipe

13 Oct. 2008

Tulsi Pipe is a stretch of road in mumbai running along the western railway line.
Almost along the entire length of the this road there exists a slum colony. Consisting of the scrap material of the railways, dismantled advertising boards, and cheap construction plastics, one could only call this a slum.