Architecture BRIO actively engages with research and seeks out collaborations with institutes and organisations. The principles have lectured in various cities in India, Australia and the Netherlands. The exhibition “When is Space”, featured an installation of their work at the Jawahar Kala Kendra Museum in Jaipur.


Beyond Bawa: Tropical Modernism in Architecture Today

National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, India | 25th March

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Max Mueller Bhawan Mumbai | 7th February

ET Architecture & Design Summit

Mumbai, India | 5th Feburary


Transfer Dialogues GSAPP

Columbia GSAPP, New York | 5th October

Kurula Varkey Design Forum

CEPT, Ahmedabad, India | 11th August

Landscape Australia Conference

Sydney, Australia | 5th March

Inspirit'18 Design Festival

Bangalore, India | 17th March

Archcult Symposium

Trichy, India | 10th March

Inhabitation Conference : When is Building?

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India | 22nd January

Exhibition, When is Space?

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India | 21st January - 31st March


reCoding Infrastructure

Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai | 2nd December

Design Matters Annual Event

Masa, Bangalore | 15th September

The Pleasure of Making Symposium

School of Environment & Architecture, Mumbai | 6th May

India Arch Dialogue

Mehrauli, New Delhi | 3rd - 21st February


Exhibition, The State of Architecture

NGMA, Mumbai | 6th January - 20th March


Melange - Guest Speaker

Rajkot | 26th December

Economic Times Design Summit

ITC Grand Cantral, Mumbai | 29th May

Exhibition, India Design ID

NSIC Grounds, New Delhi | 13th - 15th February

Quadrant Conference

AIKTC, Navi Mumbai | 10th January


Capita Selecta Lecture Series - Dwelling on Housing

TU Delft, The Netherlands | 19th June

Lecture Lukas Feireiss & Architecture BRIO

Studio-X, GSAPP, Mumbai, India | 3rd February


Building India: Indian Visions, Dutch Methods

Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai, India | 9th July

Beyond the Boundary

TISS, Mumbai | 9th July

Exhibition, Europan 10! / 10x Europan

Rotterdam, The Netherlands | 2010

City One Minutes

World Expo, Shanghai | 1st May - 31st October


NAI Workshop Mumbai

Rotterdam, The Netherlands | 23rd - 27th November

Guest Lecture 'Work of Architecture BRIO'

Raffles Design International, Mumbai, India | 3rd December

Lecture 'Architecture in the Changing World'

The Indian Institute of Architects, Thrissur, India | 6th March


Exhibition 'Europan 8'

Gebouw F, Breda, the Netherlands | 2007


Lecture 'Dutch Work', with Floris Cornelisse

KRVIA, Mumbai, India | 26th July

Exhibition 'Europan 8'

Rotterdam, the Netherlands | 2006

Exhibition 'Unorthodocks Competition'

RDM-Warehouse Rotterdam, the Netherlands | 2006


Exhibition 'Archiprix 2004'

CODA Apeldoorn, the Netherlands | 2004