Domus ‘covers’ the Learning Pavilion

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The Children of Magic Bus climbing the Laureus Learning Pavilion adorn the latest cover of Domus. The renowned architecture magazine features articles on the Magic Bus Learning Pavilion and the House on a Stream. Domus: “Architecture BRIO’s Pavilion for underprivileged children draws from the capacity to multiply life, while a leisure home in Alibaug positions itself in the landscape to offer its residents scenic views….

…In many ways the pavilion for underprivileged children design by Architecture BRIO initiates a reflection on the capacity of architecture to ‘multiply life’, to encourage and produce an energy of encounter and collaboration, play and creativity. Architecture in this project is minimal but sharp and precise. It involves effort, thought, and technique to construct spaces that defy generic definitions, yet accomdate everyday programmes and let possibilities for programmes beyond expectations shape up, and create the possibility for chance to shape things. It is between possibilities, chance and the shape of life and action that this building – non-building operates.

The House on a Stream plays with architecture as an artifice, an object of defined form and shape that sits within a landscape, within a geography. Deft use of spatial fluidity in planning combined with materials and details that lead to a visual interweaving of context and design produces the classical object of architecture, a brush with nature…..”

by Kaiwan Mehta