Architectural Drawings

House on a Stream - plan
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On Architectural Drawings


Communicating ideas through drawings takes a central position in Architecture BRIO’s work. Sketching starts initially with procrastination. Taking up the pencil to start sketching is postponed as much as possible. Inspiration doesn’t come with a blank sheet. First, sketching has to happen in the mind. Through asking the right questions, formulating ideas on the project, conversations with the office and understanding the site, one by one, the multitude of possibilities of ideas and concepts are filtered down and a few potential approaches survive.

When the pressure builds up and the deadline is approaching, the pencil becomes inevitable. The first few sketches are about understanding scale and proportion. They discover the impact of a project on its site. What is the footprint of a particular program? How does it negotiate the level differences on the site?

Figure Ground drawings emphasise on the spatial experiential qualities of the plans. Additionally they magnify the specific immediate character of its context. Drawing the outline of a sequence of experientially significant spaces emphasises on those spaces that are to be heavy and enclosed, and those that are to be light and transparent. It refines the hierarchy in organisation and in materialisation. It translates experiences into the dual phenomena of the cave versus the boulder. And everything in between.